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University of Minnesota researcher George Weiblen and colleagues have found a faster way to study the spread and diet of insect pests. Using a technique called DNA1 barcoding, which involves the identification of species from a short DNA sequence, Weiblen and an international team of researchers studied populations of numerous moth2(蛾,蛀蟲) and butterfly species across Papua New Guinea. DNA barcodes(條形碼) showed that migratory3(遷移的,流浪的) patterns and caterpillar4(毛蟲,履帶車) diets are very dynamic. In one case, a tiny moth that is distributed from Taiwan to Australia, has recently crossed thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean.

"DNA barcoding was developed for rapid identification but it also provides information about the habits and history of species," Weiblen says. He says this technique is of particular interest in Papua New Guinea, a country slightly larger in size than California with an insect diversity more than three times that of the United States. "New Guinea is one of those special places on Earth where we know very little about its biodiversity(生物多樣性) . This rich natural environment is increasingly threatened by economic development, and I'm concerned about how much biodiversity might be lost before we've had a chance to understand it. DNA barcoding helps to increase the pace of discovery."

Weiblen says that DNA barcoding can play an important role in studying the arrival of invasive species, such as the emerald ash borer(窄吉丁蟲) , a species recently introduced from Asia. "We need to understand the genetic5 history of invasion in order to combat the pests that threaten trees and crops," Weiblen says. "DNA barcoding can pinpoint6 the geographic7 source of an invading species and measure the distances over which pest species can travel."


1 DNA 4u3z1l     
(縮)deoxyribonucleic acid 脫氧核糖核酸
  • DNA is stored in the nucleus of a cell.脫氧核糖核酸儲存于細胞的細胞核里。
  • Gene mutations are alterations in the DNA code.基因突變是指DNA密碼的改變。
2 moth a10y1     
  • A moth was fluttering round the lamp.有一只蛾子撲打著翅膀繞著燈飛。
  • The sweater is moth-eaten.毛衣讓蛀蟲咬壞了。
3 migratory jwQyB     
  • Many migratory birds visit this lake annually.許多候鳥每年到這個湖上作短期逗留。
  • This does not negate the idea of migratory aptitude.這并沒有否定遷移能力這一概念。
4 caterpillar ir5zf     
  • A butterfly is produced by metamorphosis from a caterpillar.蝴蝶是由毛蟲脫胎變成的。
  • A caterpillar must pass through the cocoon stage to become a butterfly.毛毛蟲必須經過繭的階段才能變成蝴蝶。
5 genetic PgIxp     
  • It's very difficult to treat genetic diseases.遺傳性疾病治療起來很困難。
  • Each daughter cell can receive a full complement of the genetic information.每個子細胞可以收到遺傳信息的一個完全補償物。
6 pinpoint xNExL     
  • It is difficult to pinpoint when water problems of the modern age began.很難準確地指出,現代用水的問題是什么時候出現的。
  • I could pinpoint his precise location on a map.我能在地圖上指明他的準確位置。
7 geographic tgsxb     
  • The city's success owes much to its geographic position. 這座城市的成功很大程度上歸功于它的地理位置。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • Environmental problems pay no heed to these geographic lines. 環境問題并不理會這些地理界限。 來自英漢非文學 - 環境法 - 環境法
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